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Meet Monet, a true catalyst for change with a heart dedicated to making a difference in people's lives.

Having stepped away from a career in accounting, Monet embarked on a transformative journey into Human Resources, accumulating nearly two decades of rich and varied experiences. She has had the opportunity to serve on leadership teams in multiple organizations and was the president of a non-profit HR council for 7 years. Along this path, she encountered the entirety of human behavior — the virtuous, the malicious, and even the unsightly.

Amidst the peak of her career, Monet found herself caught in the suffocating grip of burnout. The relentless demands of the profession, coupled with personal challenges, had drained her passion and energy to the point of exhaustion.

During this struggle, like many, Monet resorted to quick band-aid fixes and unhealthy coping mechanisms. The severity of the burnout left her physically debilitated to the point that she was told the burnout was slowly killing her.

In the midst of this profound struggle, Monet made a courageous decision to step away and redefine her path. The journey toward recovery was tumultuous, marked by moments of hard realization and self-discovery. Monet confronted her fears, sought guidance, and tapped into the resilience buried within her. The burnout, once an all-encompassing shadow, became a stepping stone to Monet's reinvention.

In a remarkable twist, Monet's journey inspired her to become a guiding light for others. Fueled by her unwavering determination to create a positive impact, Monet founded Summitways HR.

Within Summitways HR, Monet extends a comprehensive suite of HR consulting and training services, delving into various HR-related and professional development subjects. However, the pulsating core of Summitways HR lies in Monet's intimate, one-on-one coaching methodology.

Embracing her role as a Coach, she leverages her own experiences to empower individuals to navigate the complexities of their careers and lives. Through empathetic guidance and a profound understanding of the human spirit, Monet facilitates the transformation of others, turning their struggles into a launching pad for resilience and personal growth.

Monet's coaching philosophy is rooted in the principles of positive psychology. In using such tools, she empowers her clients to achieve their goals faster and more authentically than they could on their own. She firmly believes that everyone possesses the potential to lead a fulfilling life and thrive in a career they love.

The essence of Summitways HR lies in Monet's unwavering dedication to nurturing personal and professional growth — an illuminating beacon that empowers individuals to unlock their potential, even if the journey demands some effort and guidance.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Monet and her husband share a deep passion for rescuing abused and abandoned animals. You can catch glimpses of their furry companions at @blankies_and_binkies.

Monet embodies the essence of transformation and is grateful for every opportunity to facilitate growth, whether it be in the lives of humans or our four-legged friends. 🐾

Monet's Credentials Include:
Certified Professional Life Coach
Wainwright Global Institue of Professional Coaching
Professional in Human Resources
HR Certification Institute (HRCI)
Senior Professional in Human Resources
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Bachelor of Science in Management of Human Resources
Bellevue University
Master of Science in Industrial / Organizational Psychology (MSIOP)
Northcentral University
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